to the DIY Planetarium site. Here you will find everything you need to create your own planetarium from start to finish, for free. This means patterns for building a dome, software for generating custom domes, free fulldome video downloads, instructions for creating your own shows, and more, all laden with photos from actual projects. Please submit questions and or suggestions should you have them, and thanks for stopping by.

H.A.T. A Fringe Festival Collaboration

This year DIY Planetarium partnered with the 4 actors in Fort Collins to present "H.A.T.", a tragic comedy in 3 acts. H.A.T. was a planetarium/acting hybrid show, in which audience members took turns wearing a kichen collander that visualized their thoughts on the dome. The video above contains some animations from the show. Thanks to Luke, Kati, Jacqui, Nick, Judd, and Ben for making this performance possible. #FortCollinsFringeFest2015

2016 IMERSA Summit

Don't miss the 2016 IMERSA Summit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

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2015 IEMRSA Summit

Missed the summit? Check out the hilights here.


IPS conferences are held on even-numbered years in the venues of state-of-the-art facilities around the world, and are superb events for any IPS member to progress in their planetarium professional knowledge and skills. (link)

ENJOY A SHOW ON US | Solar Journey from Adam Goss on Vimeo.


Check out the latest dome designs in the photos page.

NEW - Blend Tutorials

Blender Tutorials

Start rendering planetarium animations today with tutorials covering everything from the basics to the advanced.

Photo: New Ag-Bag dome

Gore Calc GUI

Finally, an easy way to generate planetarium gore patterns. Try it out now! Before you build your dome, run your plan by us to make sure there aren't any errors in the pattern. Unless you are trying something really unusual however, the pattern generator should work just fine.

Gore Calc GUI


Photo: Download the DIY Planetarium Manual
DIY Planetarium Guide (PDF)